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  • Basic safety gear is required on each participant (helmet, eye protection, boots, pants, gloves, long sleeve shirt)
  • Each bike must have at least one working brake and a kill switch.
  • If there are metal studs/bolts/plates in the rear tire, there must be a secured metal fender that wraps 180 degrees around the rear wheel.
  • The rider must go through each set of course flags to be eligible for a time. If they go around or run over a course flag, then their footage will be recorded at that point.
  • If a run is not completed, the footage will be taken from where the bike lies highest on the hill.
  • Only one bike is allowed on the race course at a time. If a bike does not complete a run, then they are to be safely moved off the course. The next participant can race up the hill when it is called clear.
  • If a participant does not complete the course, then they are required to walk alongside their bike down the hill. If they ride their bike down, it poses a safety risk for people below and the participant can be disqualified from competing.
  • Each racer will be allowed two timed attempts to get up the hill, the best time out of the two runs will determine the overall finish position.
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