September 4th

September 4th

September 4th, at Four Corners Motorcycle Rally at
La Plata Fairgrounds in Durango, CO


The Hooligan Dirt Dash powered by Rider Justice is a dirt track event that pits motorcycle racers aboard street-legal and purpose-built machines of practically any make, model year and engine size.

Because it’s run “outlaw” style (largely self-governed by competitors; no official sanctioning body; very few rules for classification beyond rider skill and/or engine displacement), Hooligan Dirt Dash races have a grassroots vibe that makes them super popular with fans.

As the Hooligan Dirt Dash race series grows, it will be open to other riders, and classes will be subdivided based on rider skill, engine size and other modifications.


2500 Main Ave, Durango, CO 81301



1) Rules may change.


2) No past or current licensed AMA professional rider from any competitive discipline may enter Hooligan Dirt Dash eventsNO EXCEPTIONS.

3) All motorcycles eligible for Hooligan Dirt Dash competition must feature a VIN that can verify the motorcycle was or is legal for street use as defined by state laws where the bike is registered, or where the race is conducted. No purpose-built off-road or track-use only motorcycles are eligible for Hooligan Dirt Dash events. License plate and/or headlights ARE NOT REQUIRED on Hooligan Dirt Dash motorcycles, and will not be considered to determine a motorcycle’s street legality or street worthiness.

4) Every Hooligan Dirt Dash motorcycle must feature at least one number plate, mounted on the fork above the front tire of the motorcycle. A second number plate mounted on the left side of the motorcycle is recommended, but not mandatory. These number plate(s) must feature a bold, easily read 2- or 3-digit number to aid track officials with scoring.

5) All Hooligan Dirt Dash and special demo class competitors (Run What You Brung, Kick Start Class, Adult Pit Bike Class, etc.) must wear long-sleeve shirts, long pants, boots and a DOT-approve 3/4- or full-face helmet with eye protection at all times when on the race course and in the pits. No half helmets, pudding bowls, novelty helmets, etc. may be worn to operate a motorcycle on the race trackNO EXCEPTIONS.



Hooligan Dirt Dash Rider eligibility: Open to invited Hooligan Dirt Dash competitors from previous events and qualified local riders on race-compliant motorcycles (see RACE RULES above).

We're honored that you are joining us for the Hooligan Dirt Dash! Thanks for your participation!


Please email if you have questions in advance of the show

John Oakes at




Mini Bike World Championship presented by Kruesi Originals

Racer Registration - 9/4/2020


Hooligan Dirt Dash powered by Rider Justice

Racer Registration - 9/4/2020






Hooligan Class:

Eligible riders: 18 and older licensed motorcycle riders on 750cc or larger engine, a stock frame and dirt track tires.

Run What Your Brung Class: First come first served.

Eligible riders: 18 and older licensed motorcycle riders on registered, street-legal motorcycles – no trailered ringers.

Kickstart Race: First come first served.

Eligible riders: 18 and older licensed motorcycle riders on street-legal motorcycles, kickstart only motorcycles.

Adult Pit Bike Race: First come first serve.

Eligible riders: 18 and older licensed motorcycle riders with 12” Max Rear Wheel only. All bikes must use

Air-cooled, 4-stroke engines with Open Cradle Frames. 14” front wheels (maximum) are allowed. Manual

Clutches are allowed. Unlimited Engine modifications are allowed. Maximum Wheel Base is 49".

Outlaw Race: First come first served.

Eligible riders: 18 and older licensed motorcycle riders on street or dirt 2-wheel motorcycles with rear street or smooth tires. **NO trophy, this race is for pride

Maximum riders per Special Class (first come, first served during Registration):

Hooligan Class: 18

Run What You Brung: 12

Kickstart Race: 12

Adult Pit Bike: 15


Run What You Brung Class (4 laps): 

1) Riders will be stacked on the starting grid 3 riders wide and 2 rows deep, with tallest handlebars first.

2) Top 2 Riders from each HEAT Race will advance to the Main.

3) Winner takes all. Second place is first loser. Prize package for RWYB class: Trophy and a generous goodie bag from Hooligan Dirt Dash sponsors.

Kickstart Race: 

1) Motorcycles will be staged on the starting line 5 wide (no grid staging) up to 5 racers total.

2) Bikes will be on kickstands onlyno special blocks, chocks, unattached center stands, etc.

3) Riders will be staged 50 feet behind the motorcycles on a second grid.

3) When the green flag drops, riders must run to their motorcycle, kick it to life and ride into turn 1 and through turn 2. The first man or woman across the turn 2 finish line is the winner, and he/she will get a goodie bag from Hooligan Dirt Dash sponsors and earns the right to a victory lap with the checkered flag.


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